There’s a new house on the block: Oak Hill Co-living. Starting as the brainchild of four Rockwood residents, Oak Hill Co-Living is an affordable downsizing option for seniors. It goes something like this: individuals buy ownership in a shared home and share any household decision making and costs. Each resident has their own private bed/sitting room and bathroom while the kitchen, dining room, living room, and laundry room are shared among 6 like-minded adults. Situated in Rockwood’s walkable community Oak Hill Co-Living presents an alternative housing option for adults who may be looking into retirement living. The co-living lifestyle gives seniors an affordable home that fosters community while maintaining privacy.

Sutcliffe Homes is proud to bring the plans of Jeanette, Anne, Elisabeth, and Bonnie to reality and get in on the ground floor of the co-living lifestyle.

Learn more about the Oak Hill Co-living project and discover the benefits of shared living.


Sutcliffe owner, Doug Hutchison, describes how he became an enthusiastic supporter of the project.



This solid home in an upscale Guelph neighbourhood was a prime candidate for a major renovation project. The owners, working professionals with a growing family, needed more space. Due to the limitations on the lot, the only way was up!

Adding an extra floor to a home is challenging to get visually and structurally correct. The homeowners understood how important it was to work with an experienced renovation company and were referred to Sutcliffe Homes. They couldn’t be happier with the results and with their renovation experience.

The design staff at Sutcliffe worked with the homeowners to envision the new space. The renovation project was expanded to include extensive changes to the main floor of the home including a stunning new kitchen.

The Tamarack Estates development in Moffat is drawing home buyers to this quiet crossroads northwest of Campbellville. Once there, they are finding an irresistible combination of location and lifestyle. If spacious homes on large lots within a comfortable commute to Toronto sound appealing, then read on …

1) Hamlet living
How cool is living in a hamlet? Well, you can count your neighbours on your fingers and toes. You’ll run into them at Dar’s Delights, the local country bakery (a Moffat institution). The country air is sweet and the star-filled skies awe inspiring.

2) A six minute drive to the 401
You’ll enjoy exploring the back roads around Moffat but when you need the Highway, it’s close. Very close! Toronto Pearson airport is a 35 minute drive. The cities of Milton, Guelph and Burlington are even closer.

3) The Escarpment – a Destination, a Lifestyle
Residents of the Campbellville area (including Moffat) enjoy a quality of life unique to the beauty of their surroundings. The escarpment has long been a popular destination for day trippers and nature lovers from the city. An opportunity to live, let alone build a new home in the escarpment area is rare!

4) Truly Custom Homes
Sutcliffe Homes has earned a reputation for building fine estate homes. Browse the gallery of our work and it’s clear our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. Our vision for the Tamarack Estates development in Moffat is to build a limited number of truly custom homes of uncompromising quality.

To learn more about Tamarack Estates contact Erica Carolus
at (519) 822-1708 or