A lifestyle option whose time has come.

There’s a new house on the block: Oak Hill Co-living. Starting as the brainchild of four Rockwood residents, Oak Hill Co-Living is an affordable downsizing option for seniors. It goes something like this: individuals buy ownership in a shared home and share any household decision making and costs. Each resident has their own private bed/sitting room and bathroom while the kitchen, dining room, living room, and laundry room are shared among 6 like-minded adults. Situated in Rockwood’s walkable community Oak Hill Co-Living presents an alternative housing option for adults who may be looking into retirement living. The co-living lifestyle gives seniors an affordable home that fosters community while maintaining privacy.

Sutcliffe Homes is proud to bring the plans of Jeanette, Anne, Elisabeth, and Bonnie to reality and get in on the ground floor of the co-living lifestyle.

Learn more about the Oak Hill Co-living project and discover the benefits of shared living.


Sutcliffe owner, Doug Hutchison, describes how he became an enthusiastic supporter of the project.